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ThermoCon Panel


“A Sustainable Green Building Material”

It's a Fire Proof + Water Resistant + Anti Fungal + Anti Termite +Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Panel

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Magnesium Oxide is by nature a Non-Combustible material. The mineral properties of magnesium oxide do not allow any mold or fungus to grow on it.  Cross linking the natural earth minerals with magnesium chloride, hardens the panel, thereby preventing any termites or insects from eating or penetrating it. 

The core of ThermoCon Panel™ is made up of Natural Earth Minerals viz:  Magnesium Oxide & other Earth Minerals like volcanic ash and natural earth fillers, EPS, and micro fibers. The Natural Earth Minerals and EPS beads are fused together and foamed to much higher volume to generate capillary cells which increase the Thermal Insulation value and   also lightens the panel’s weight.  The foamed magnesium oxide and other natural earth minerals are compressed together with two to three layers of fiber reinforcement mesh to achieve high compressive strength.

What is ThermoCon Panel™ System?

ThermoCon Panel™ system is both a Cavity based system which can be screwed directly on aluminum & steel profiles or wooden batten & can also be fixed directly on Concrete or Block works with appropriate cementitious renders.

The product was developed by Thermo Stone Fze, for exterior and interior cladding system.  If combined with our Thermo Board™ then it can be used to construct affordable quick construction homes, that will give the end user’s peace of mind due to its excellent features like fireproof, water resistance, anti-fungus, termite proof and can also achieve good STC values.

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