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Description :

Sandstone & Granite-Like Stone are made in Flexible sheet forms by a process of fusion between Natural stone aggregates and organic materials. During the process of fusion, fibrous tissues are sandwiched between the stone aggregates & organic materials.

The controlled temperature and pressure gives the Stone sheet the flexibility and textuaries designs.

Features And Advantages:

.As it is Light in weight (≤ 10 kg / m2) the Structural load on the project is reduced to a great extent.

.Quick & Secure fixing, thus reducing labour cost and time duration.

.The high impact & crack resistance feature of the product makes it tough and durable for a long period of time.

.A layer of Anti-static silicon coating, protects the product form dust, water drop and carbon marks.

.Incorporation of ceramic elements prevents the Stone sheet from Fungal and Salt attacks thus making it suitable to be used on seaside projects.         Environmentally friendly as it generates no dust or noise pollution while cutting. Easy handling and less storage space required on site.

.An excellent product for renovation of projects as it does not add much weight to the existing structure.

.When combined with insulation materials the product can be used directly on block works.

.Due to its flexibility features it can be used around round columns .

.Easy mix and match of colours and groove design. No mechanical fixing required.

3-4mm Natural Sand Stone Sheet

2-3 mm Natural Granite Stone Sheet

Suitable On Substrates Like: Concrete, Mortar, PC board, ALC board, GRC board, Plywood, Polystyrene, Thermo board, TCP panel e.t.c

Flexible Sand Stone Sheet

Flexible Granite Stone Sheet

Size Availability

Flexible Sand Stone Sheet

standard size            - 60 x 120 cms

Cut to order size      - 30 x 60 cms, 30 x 90 cms, 60 x 60 cms

Flexible Granite Stone Sheet

standard size           - 60 x 120 cms

Cut to order size     - 30 x 60 cms, 30 x 90 cms, 60 x 60 cms

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